Criminal Defense

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If you’ve been (or have reason to believe you might be) charged with a crime, time is of the essence.  Murray and Adkins criminal defense attorneys can assist even before you’re actually charged.

Our team has a proven acquittal track record resulting from our aggressive and strategic defense work. We believe that every person deserves a fair trial, regardless of the crimes committed. 

Don’t risk your freedom and resources with an untested attorney.
When your life and livelihood is on the line, you need a defense team who 1) understands the law and can make a smart legal argument 2) will speak up and fight for you. Like most great legal teams, Lloyd Murray and Matthew Adkins are both outspoken advocates and skillful fighters. The firm has defended clients in more than 300 jury trials and has successfully defended 18 death penalty cases. No matter the odds, our team will go the distance to help you get your life back.
Violent Crimes

“Violent crime” is a term used to describe a crime where an individual uses or threatens to use force on another person; assault, battery, robbery, murder, homicide, sexual assault, manslaughter, extortion, endangerment and harassment.

Drug Charges

Drug crimes range from drug possession to the selling, distributing and manufacturing of drugs. If you’ve been arrested or charged with a drug crime, you need to seek the help of a criminal defense attorney to determine the best defense strategy.


Because of the dangers associated with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, DUI laws are strictly enforced. Under the “implied consent law” all drivers are subject to a fine and automatic license suspension.


Facing an investigation or charges for murder in Georgia is a very serious matter. If convicted, penalties can range from 15 years to life in prison or, in some cases, even the death penalty.

Gang Crimes

An individual arrested for participating in a street gang or assisting in committing a gang-related crime may face devastating penalties, from large fines to lengthy prison sentences. If you’re under investigation for gang-related activity, it is crucial that you retain an aggressive criminal defense team.

Crimes of Deceit

A crime of deceit alleges that an individual has committed some kind of untruthfulness for financial gain. These are serious accusations, often involving fraud, embezzlement, money laundering or tax evasion. Even an accusation of this type of wrongdoing can be serious and devastating.

Weapons Violations

Assault with a firearm, brandishing a weapon, gross negligent discharge of a firearm, felony possession of a firearm, illegal concealed carry, carrying a loaded firearm in public and possessing a firearm in a prohibited place are all charges involving a weapon that should be taken seriously.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence allegations are serious and can cause significant long-lasting ramifications to your quality of life, reputation, liberty, and future opportunities. If convicted, you could be facing hefty fines, jail time, a restraining order, loss of parenting privileges, and deportation.

Our Georgia and South Carolina criminal defense attorneys will begin working your case by conducting a thorough investigation. This includes a personal interview, visiting the scene, collecting evidence, identifying and interviewing witnesses, retaining a private investigator and developing alternative theories of the crime. We will also review the police reports, witness statements, body camera footage, lab results and other evidence the state intends to use against you in order to protect you and ensure your rights were not violated.  For example, if your arrest involved a search and seizure, statements you or someone else made to the police, or an unlawful stop in your vehicle, you need experienced legal advice in order to ensure law enforcement played by the rules and cannot use illegally obtained evidence against you at trial. 

You might not even know if your rights have been violated.  We will help you find out.

In every case, we help you assert your rights to learn the details of the prosecution’s case. We will research the law and prepare and file all required legal documents. At trial, we will vigorously defend you by cross-examining witnesses, exposing flaws in the state’s case and presenting evidence of your innocence. We pride ourselves in our results in trial in every county in both Georgia and South Carolina.

With decades of experience, our criminal defense attorneys are most comfortable in the courtroom and will be thoroughly prepared to present your case to a jury.  Our trial attorneys set aside all other business when you have your day in court – you deserve nothing less. 

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